Amazing Japanese Horse Race Analyzing & Forecasting system will change gambling!

Horse Race Forecasting and Investing

     Alchemy System from Japan!!


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In the world almost all horse race fans regard

horse race as gambling and very dangerous

for betting!!?

However, we finally developed incredibly

amazing Horse Race Forecasting and Trading

System in Japan just analyzing odds from our

Japanese governmental body JRA ( Japan

Racing Association ) in scientific and

statistical methods by our developed horse

race analyzing and investment software!!


Our software can easily find the very suitable

races for getting winning tickets and

investment for investors just one click of

software button!!

Please kindly see the following actual

forecasting and results of the performance

of our amazing horse race forecasting and 

investment by the software!!

Forecasting and results of

October 11, 2015

If you check the races with 2 ◎ on

the above table, you can easily get

winning tickets just betting for the

races designated by our

investment manual for investors!!

Followings are the actual betting

results for the above forecasting!

" K " means KYOTO and selected

races for investment were Kyoto

2R, 4R, 5R, 10R!! and the betting 

results were as follows!!

Above Pay-offs are all Trio and Pay-off for

Yen 100!!

And then, we bet for the above races just

using our Japanese High-TEC betting


Followings are actual betting results!!